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Peggy Duval
Norfolk VA
Diane and Connie
Lancaster, PA
Bill Higdon, Oakridge Aviary
New Port Richey, Florida
Phone: 727-376-3029
Will ship from Tampa Int'l Airport via Delta or Continental at buyers expense. Currently breeding greens, dark greens, olives, lutinos, blues, cobalts, mauves, creaminos and dilutes in linnies. Also breed pacific parrotlet color mutations. All babies are handfed and banded. Can go back to several generation on most linnies.
Wendy Preston
Michelle, Columbus, Ohio
Visit our web site at:
Of Teeny Birdies - Small Birds, Big Personality!
Paul Lubbe, Secunda South Africa
Visit our web site:
I currently breed all the blue and green series of the Linnie as well as Lutino and CreamIno. I hope to breed Pieds and Violets in 2008.
Rory Thacker, Dallas, TX
Tel:  214-797-2758
Handfed babies to breeders: I have all colors; blue, green, and greywings too! Will ship Continental or Delta.
Sharron Deason, Kingman, Arizona 86401

Rainbow in the Desert Aviary
Sweet hand raised babies, some pairs available.    I breed most of the colors, including the Dominate Dilute Greywings.   I am an experienced shipper.    Photos available.
Call or email for availability and prices.

Cynthia Williams Katy, Tx. (Houston area)

I occasionally have available handfed babies, all color mutations including greywings.

Holly Plouffe - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Holly Plouffe (nee Sanness)
University of Winnipeg. CTLT
4C68-515 Portage Avenue
Wpg., Mb. R3B 2E9


Jim Huang, Houston, Texas
Phone #: 713-626-8110
All mutations, Hand-fed, Close-banded, DNA sexed, Will ship by Delta. Young and mature linnies available. Turquoise, Cobalt, Mauve, Olive, Splits, Green, Lutino, Creamino, SF turquoise, DF turquoise, occasionally SF cobalt, DF cobalt, and and DF mauve.

Bonny, West Chicago, IL
Phone #:630-514-2459
AFA Aviculturist Level I

James Peacock
Linnies are the perfect pet and I have the joy of breeding all of the normals and most of the dilutes. I also have Creminos and Lutinos. I hand feed and hand rear all of my Linnies. I ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS - and happily ship Everywhere in the United States. Please feel free to take a look at my web site at I have a few photos of some of our babies up there along with pages of Parrotlets which I also breed and hand rear. I am available from 9 A.M. until 10 P.M., seven days a week. So if you want the sweetest pet you have ever owned - Please phone 828-683-5357.

James Peacock
Phone #:828-683-5357

Jennifer Gust, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
I currently breed turquoise, cobalt, dark green, mauve linnies, and occasionally I have an ino baby.  Handfed - very tame!  Pre-spoiled from my home to yours!  Website and pictures to come soon...

Christine Mann, Richmond, Texas (West Houston area)
Almost Angels Aviary,

We breed all color mutations of lineolated parakeets. We breed for size and color. Nice big birds! All babies are handfed and tame. We also breed other species. Check out our website for more information. Shipping available.

Dennis Counts, N.W. Arkansas
Web Site:

Thomas Fitzgerald


West Seneca, New York

Bob & Lea Bean
Five Oaks Aviary - Oklahoma City, OK

Web Site: Five Oaks Aviary

We raise Hand-fed babies of the green, tuquoise, Ino, and Greywing mutations.  All babies are closed banded and weaned onto fruits, veggies, millet, pellet,seed.  Will ship Continental or Delta.
Tel:  405-209-4312

Lynn's Birds
San Jose, California 95127

Web Site:

All babies are hand fed & socialized.  Closed banded at 2 wks of age.  Will have blue, turquiose, cobalt, green & lutino.  Payment plans available during hand feeding time.  Go to web site for more info on other types of birds I breed.
408-926-0649 home
408-786-7559 cel

Linda Burdette -- Keedysville, MD   21756

Web Site:

Cherie & Louise, On A Wing An A Prayer Aviary
Menifee, California

Web Site:
Tel:  (951)  928-0307

We currently breed greens, dark greens, olives, lutinos, blues, cobalts, turquoise, creaminos and dilute linnies.   The majority of our Linnie flock was acquired from Sharron Deason (Rainbow Desert Linnies).    We also raise Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Pacific Parrotlet, American Parakeet, and English Budgies.   The majority of our babies are handfed and banded.  Call for availablity.   We will ship from Ontario Airport via Delta or Continental at buyers expense.

Steven,  Feathers Fins And Foliage, Arizona City, AZ

Web Site:

Justina - Western, New York

I breed only Lineolated parakeets because they are by far Thee Sweetest Birds!!   I breed for Size first then Color. My babies are very calm and sweet and love to be held.   Some are learning to wolf whistle and say their first words "Pretty Bird" by the time they are ready to be placed into their new homes.   All my babies are handfed, closed banded and DNA sexed. Available colors: Green, Dark Green, Olive, Turquoise, Cobalt, Slate, Lutino and Creamino. Occasional single breeders and pairs available.   Waiting list available for specific colors and splits. Some splits guaranteed.   Shipping available at buyers expense thru Delta or permitting.   I accept payment thru PayPal.
Email :

Denise Crisp,  Helotes, Texas (near San Antonio)
Lone Oak Aviaries

Tel:  210-862-0402

I raise all colors of linnies, including dilutes.    Babies are handfed, closed banded with LPS bands.    Sometimes older birds or breeder pairs are available.

Lynne Morse, S.E. Connecticut (Gales Ferry)
Web Site:

Tel:  (860) 501-8039

Lynne Morse, S.E. Connecticut (Gales Ferry)
Web Site:

Tel:  (860) 501-8039

Sean Ira, Florida

Tel:  727-493-4816

Shipping from Tampa Int'l Airport via Uniteds Pet Safe Program. Shipping twice a month with only 6 to 8 hours delivery time. Currently breeding greens, dark greens, olives, lutinos, blues, cobalts, mauves, creaminos and dilutes in linnies. I also breed pacific parrotlet color mutations and Green-Cheeked Conures. All babies are handfed and banded. Visit my website or call me direct at 727-493-4816

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